Once Upon ASMR

Fairy Tea Time

Join Peaseblossom for a cup of tea, some root and dried petal snacks and some stories of the forrest. Featuring whispering, wrustling, spoon, food and plant sounds. Delightfully chill story filled with relaxation ASMR triggers to help calm viewers down or help them get ready for bed.


Hello. Welcome to Fairy Tea Time. I have invited all of you into my little home, inside a Lilly, in a valley- where I am going to have you over for some delicious tea.

First, I am going to get out my tea bag.
(Tea Bag rustling sounds. Very soothing ASMR tea bag sounds.)

It smells delicious.
I'll place it- in my cup.
And now, to pour the water.
(Water pouring-soothing ASMR sounds)

And now, I'm going to give it a stir.
(Stirring sounds- very relaxing, ASMR)
And I am going to let it sit and steep.

I had the most beautiful day today. Today I woke up. (Yawns)
And I left my little home inside the Lilly in the valley.
And I walked through all of the other plants.
(Leaf rustling ASMR sounds)

Till I reached a clearing and there I collected all of the rain drops and the dew drops from all of the plants from the rain that had gathered from the night before.
I gathered them and then I placed them within a pot, that I made out of a chestnut.
And I boiled it in the sun to make my tea.
After the hot water within the chestnut- I walked back to my valley through all of the plants.
(Plant rustling ASMR sounds)
I had to go slowly so I did not spill.
(Plant rustling ASMR sounds)

And then I gathered some snacks.
Would you like to have some with me? With our Tea?
First- I'm going to have a sip of the tea.
(Sip ASMR sound)
And after I got back with the water, I went to my garden. I flew gently and carefully over all of the clouds.
And then I gathered some delicious roots to eat.
(Carrot bite ASMR sound)
(Chewing and crunching ASMR sounds)
(Sip ASMR sound)

Do you know what I have to do tomorrow?
Tomorrow, I plan to go down to the stream.
And dance with all of fishes as they jump, jump, jump out of the river.
And then, I think, I may go and see if the bear has had her cubs yet. I do love celebrating the birth of new young bears.
They are so cute with their little growl- growl-growl
It'll be so lovely.

(Tea Sip ASMR sound)
Oh I also have some little, tiny, dried petals.
(Petal crunch ASMR sound.. suspiciously like a chip)
I so do love dried petals.
Sun flowers are my favourite, but I also am partial to some orchids.
And, if I am lucky, sometimes I will have a bird of paradise.
Not the animal, but the flower with dried petals.
(Petal crunching and tea drinking ASMR sounds)

Thank you for joining me for the first of, hopefully many, fairy tea times.
Adieu, adieu sweet friends.