Body Pause-itivity School Program

Embracing and loving ones own body is very important for development and life. Feeling negative about your body can lead to despression, eating disorders and other destructive behaviour. Body Pause-itivity School Program seeks to increase body awareness and self love and care. This workshop is great for kids K to grade 6.

What to Expect

Each session starts with students introducing themselves and stating their favourite body part or parts and why. This helps students see their body as useful, capable and amazing. For those students who say "I don't know" or "I don't like anything." We gently quickly discuss they favourite activies and which parts of their bodies help them be sucessful in their hobbies. For example: Video Games- mean that your hands are quick, your brain is great at taking in information and your eyes can scan effectively and send information to your brain.

The instructor then leades students through a variety of exercises, stretches and self care moves to looks after their body. This is done in a fun game.

"Delia Barnett hosted two residency programs at Our Lady of Peace Elementary based on body-positive yoga for children. Ms. Barnett has a wonderful talent for engaging students and listening to their needs. She provides a positive role model for young children and encourages them to lead active lives while being proud of who they are."
--- Mr Oberhoffer

How to Book

Thanks to the digital age, we can be present in your class via video. An instructor will Zoom or Google Meet into your classroom and can lead the class with your help. It is best with their teacher joins in. Rates for single classes as well as muliple classes. Email for rate sheet.
Once it is safe to do so in the future- sessions can take place in person in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada or elsewhere. (If you are outside of Edmonton, you could gather a few schools in the area to help cover travel costs and make the sessions very affordable as well as grant writing advice can be offered to help cover costs.

Book Today

Send your information to for a quote. Please include:
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