Once Upon ASMR

ASMR is known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or Auto Sensory Meridian Response. Listening to this style of video often gives the listener a tingling sensation starts in the scalp and travels down the spine.

ASMR uses triggers that can lead to euphoria and relaxation. Perfect for when a viewer needs a break, some relaxation time or a soothing bedtime story. So sit back and enjoy ASMR with a storytelling twist- like the chilliest radioplay around. Sit back and enjoy fairytales and other classic storybook character's tales- whispered for a stimulating adventure into relaxation.

Available ASMR Stories

Once Upon ASMR: A Tale of Two Knights

Picture of me dressed as a knight Join us for a fun story of a Knight on an epic adventure. Can he defeat the Dragon? What happens when he finds another Knight. This story is filled with tapping, whispers and other fabulous soothing triggers.

The Little Mermaid

Can the Little Mermaid be with her Prince on the land? Or will this be a sad tale indeed?


Witches, radishes and Rapunzel! Can this sweet girl soothe her meloncoly and find her prince or will being trapped in a tower by a witch doom her to sadness?

Fairy Tea Time

Join Peaseblossom for a cup of tea, some root and dried petal snacks and some stories of the forrest. Featuring whispering, wrustling, spoon, food and plant sounds.

Paper Boat Story

Ahoy! Paper Boat Story with a fun surpirse at the end. This video involves whsipering, folding, paper crickling and ripping. Also serves as a how-to, so you can create your own boat and tell the story to others.

Paper Fortuneteller Affirmations

What does your future hold? In this video featuring whispering, folding, paper rustling, writing and a cameo by scissors, I will tell your fortune.

Elf Holiday Work

Let's got to the North Pole and test out wrapping paper for the toys- they have to survive the sleigh ride. Includes whispering, crinkling paper, cutting and tappping for soem Holiday downtime.

Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan

Hear some of the tall tales of american folklore legend, Paul Bunyan. What did happen to the giant lumberjack and his blue ox- Babe? Features whsipering, tapping and scrapping.

Little Red Riding Hood

Enjoy the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood travelling through the forest to her grandmother's house. Features whispering and a few taps.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Check out the story of a golden haired girl who is looking for poridge, chairs and beds to be just right. Featuing whispering, tapping and hair sounds.


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