Imagination Activity Guides

The more we use our imagination- the better. Imagination can be used to help children expereince what they are learning and help them solidify it in their minds. Here are some wonderful activities for you to do with your children, students or whomever. Use these guides will have children making choices, reinforcing important lessons (such as directions, plant life cycles and more). Most of these guides will also have kids thinking fast and making decisions- helping them learn to trust themselves and therefore increase their sense of self and self-esteem.

Activity Plans/Instructions by Character

How to Make a Radio Play

picture of Delia reading her grandmother's wartime leter This is a great exercise for at home or at School. This activity helps children think creatively and create a radio play that uses text and sounds to tell a well rounded story. Great activity for in the classroom, at summer camp or at home.


picture of Delia dressed as a fairy These activity plans will have children creating their own fairy characters, learning directions and of course using their imagination. These actiivties feature follow along videos as well as instructions for you to lead the activities to reduce screentime and allow you to be an active participant in the activities.


picture of Delia reading her grandmother's wartime leter Who doesn't want to be a brave knight- vanquishing dragons, adventuring through the enchanted forest and winning happy endings? These activty guides which are great for use in schools, camps, drama lessons or at home- will have participants finding their inner courage.


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