Once Upon ASMR

The Tale of The Little Mermaid

The classic story of the Little Mermaid- can she find her prince? ASMR triggers- whispering, taping, water and popping.


Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid, who lived under the water- with her father, the Sea King and her sisters. She longed to see what the world was like on land.
So one day she swam as fast as she could- (ASMR Water Sounds) Until she reached the surface. There she saw a great boat, bobbing at the top of the water.
(ASMR Water Sounds) As she peeked onto the deck of the boat- there, dancing, she saw a handsome prince.
(ASMR Dancing Tapping Sounds)
Just then, on the horizon she saw a storm was a-brewing. (ASMR Storm Sounds) Lighting began to strike. (ASMR soothing sounds) Suddenly, lighting struck the ship! And a fire started.
(ASMR sounds) The Prince was thrown overboard!
And she swam as fast as she could to save him. She got him to the shore just as he was waking up. He saw her face. She got scared and quickly dove into the sea and swam back home. The Prince had fallen in love with her.
(ASMR heart beat sounds) And she with him. (ASMR Heart Beat Sounds)
She loved the prince so much she could not stop thinking about him- that she went to a sea witch and traded her voice for a pair of legs. But! If in 3 days she could not get the prince to give her true love's kiss- she would be doomed.
She quickly, using her legs, that felt so strange- swam to the shore. (ASMR Water Sounds)
There - on the shore she saw the prince. He felt his heart beat. She felt her heart beat.
But, when he asked- "Who are you?" She could not tell him who she was- for she had no voice. They spent many, many days together and played many, many games and soon became the best of friends.
Once day a Princess from a neighbouring kingdom visited and the Prince felt his heart beat- for her. For he had met her on the shore and thought she was the beautiful maiden who saved him from the sea.
He announced to the Little Mermaid that he would be marrying this princess. Her heart was broken and she felt it snap in two. She wished the Prince the very best with a smile and then she dove into the ocean.
Her sisters saw her and helped her become sea foam so she could forever be near the land and the prince she loved so dear.
The End.