Once Upon ASMR


Join me for the tale filled with witches, radishes and rapunzel. This video features tapping, rustling sounds and other soothing relaxing triggers to help you relax while experiencing the classing tale of a young girl, placed in a tower.


Once upon a time, there was a young couple, who were very much in love. The first time they saw each other - their hearts began to beat.
(Heart Beat Tapping with hand ASMR sounds)
They were married. Soon after getting married, they realized they were going to have their first child.
They rejoiced. After a while the woman became very very melancholy.
She was sad. Nothing could soothe her or calm her and she could not relax. One day, she opened her window and looked outside. She saw a garden at the house beside her.
The garden had the most beautiful radishes she had ever seen in her life. She begged her husband to go and get her the radishes. The husband knew that the radishes and the garden next door, belonged to a witch.
He did not want to go into the garden. But his heart beat- (Heart Beat ASMR Sounds - thump thump) for his wife.
So, he climbed over the fence. (fence climbing ASMR sounds). And jumped down into the garden.
He walked through all the vegetables. (Leaf ASMR sounds), until he reached the radishes.
He pulled a few radishes out of the dirt, placed them in his pockets and then ran as fast as he could (tapping ASMR sounds)- though the other vegetables- - climbed over the garden wall (Climbing tapping ASMR sounds). And landed back in his own yard.
He brought the radishes to his wife. She was so excited. She happily ate them all up.
(lip smacking asmr sounds)
Just then, they heard a rustling of the wind (Wind ASMR)
And a knock at their door. (ASMR tapping sound)
They opened the door and there was the witch!
The witch was angry. She said: "How dare you steal my radishes?"
"I will put a curse on you."
The man and the woman begged the witch not to put a curse on them.
So the witch said "Ah ha! When your first born is born, I will come back and I will take your baby for myself."
The man and the woman were so scared that they agreed.
Time passed and the witch gave the couple many, many radishes. Finally the day came, and their baby was born.
They looked around and they did not see the witch so they were thinking- perhaps she was not coming. But then they heard the wind whistle. (Rustling ASMR sounds)
And a knock at the door. (Tapping ASMR sounds)
The young couple, out of fear- did not answer the door, but then the door swung open.
And in came the witch.
She snatched the baby for herself and then, on the wind (paper rustling ASMR sounds).
She disappeared to a tall, tall tower in the middle on the forrest.
There she raise the baby, whom she named: Rapunzel, after the radishes. As Rapunzel grew older, very little could soothe her. She was so bored trapped in a tall, tall tower- with no doors, just a window at the very top. Rapunzel to try to calm herself, would brush her long, long hair.
(hair brushing ASMR sounds)
And when she needed extra help trying to relax, she would sing. And her song would be carried on the wind.
(Paper Rustling ASMR sounds plus LaLaLa)
One day the prince was riding his horse through the country side. (ASMR sounds) He heard the song on the wind. He rode his horse towards the sound.
He finally reached a tower and there he saw Rapunzel, brushing her hair. (Hair Brushing ASMR sounds)
He looked for a door but he could not find one, so he called up to Rapunzel. As soon as they saw each other their hearts began to beat for one another. (Tapping ASMR sounds)
She let down her long hair. Her long hair cascaded down, down, down to the Prince. The Prince grabbed her hair and began to climb up. (hair ASMR sounds)
When he reached the top, he came in and they had a wonderful visit. Later, he climbed back down and he rode away on his horse, promising to return. (hand clapping ASMR sounds)
The prince visited Rapunzel every singe day. Then, one day, while the Prince was visiting her, the witch appeared upon the wind. She saw the prince and she was very, very angry. She quickly pushed the prince- who fell- into a briar patch.
And then the witch cut Rapunzel's hair. (Scissor ASMR sounds)
The prince had landed in a briar patch and the briars had poked his eyes and he could no longer see. We wandered the country side- unable to find his way back home or to the woman he loved.
Rapunzel was then thrown out of the witch's life. Rapunzel found herself living in a small cottage outside the woods. She was unable to finder prince. She was so sad. Nothing could soothe her, except singing. She would sing: lalalala
One day as the Prince was wandering aimlessly, he heard the song and he followed it through the forest. (Leaf rustling ASMR sounds)
Until he found Rapunzel. He knew, in an instant, it was her because his heart began to beat again for her.
She hugged him and began to cry- her tears washed the thorns from his eyes and he could see again. They rode on horses back to his castle. (hand clapping ASMR sounds)
And there, they were married and lived happily ever after.
The End.