Move-Along Stories

Fairy Exercises

Use your imagination to grow our wings and let's test them out and explore the world of a fairy together. Moving can be magic in this story designed for you to join in however you feel you'd like to. There is no wrong way to pretend to be a fairy.


Hello. Today on Move Along Stories- we're going to be fairies.
So close your eyes and imagine these little wings start sprouting from your shoulder blades.
It tickles. It tickles.
They're getting longer and longer, and  bigger and bigger- until they are beautiful!

Let's test out our new wings. Let's start out very, very small.
Flap your wings small- bigger- bigger -bigger- biggest- BIGGEST FLAPPING of wings!!!

And now, let's flap to the side and the other side and back to the other side and back to the other side! And now fly around in a circle!
And go the other way in a circle and fly the other way in a circle and let's do some loop-de-loops!


Now sometimes I don't always like to fly. Sometimes I think it is fun to jump from lily pad to lily pad in the pond. Let's go!  
And hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop!

Sometimes I like to walk a tightrope along the tallest branches in the tree.
You have to walk one foot in front of the other. It can be difficult. Let's try.
One foot in front of the other: step, step,  step. Balance, balance, balance.
And let's walk again one foot in front of the other. Balance, balance, balance, balance, balance. High up in this tree!

And now it is time to gather our fairy  magic and send it out into the world!  
Gather your hands and think happy thoughts. Put them into your hands and release them into the world and to make sure that they fly everywhere- let's fly around!  
So the wind from our wings is passing  our happy magic to everyone, everywhere!
And one last time.
Thank you for being a fairy with  me today. I hope you have a magical, wonderful day!