Move-Along Stories

Knight Sword Moves

Pick up your best pillow for a shield and a paper towel roll for a sword and learn how to attack and defend like BRAVE Knights! Take your role play/imagaination to the next level with this fun how to video with Me.
We will go over how to hold your sword, parry and use your shield. I will have you pretewnding to be an epic knght from fairytales, days of yore and fantasy!

Make sure you have your shield

Brave knight folding up a pillow markeed: shield

Make sure you have your sword.

Brave Knoght Holding up a Paper towel roll- marked Sword

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Hello. Today on Move Along Stories we're going to  be brave, bold knights!
So get yourself a shield,  and get yourself a sword, clear space and let's  learn some sweet sword tricks and moves! Let's go!
First things first- holding the sword.
You're going to hold what you've decided is the handle of your sword or hilt like so:You want to make sure that your thumb is out.
You're basically doing this. And you want  your thumb to be what is facing your opponent  when you are attacking.
So for attacking: I have my thumb out and I'm going to swipe to the top and I'm going to swipe to the other side, and I'm going to swipe to the bottom, and i'm going to swipe to the other one.
And as I'm swiping I'm making sure that my thumb  is going where I want it to.
I'm also making  sure if I'm pretending this is my sword that the side where my thumb is holding is the hilt.
This would be the less sharp end and this other side is the sharp end.
So that will also help you know-where you are attacking. So let's hold our swords. 
Let's stand quite proud.
Let's attack  to the top, to the bottom, to the top, to the top, to the head  and a big swipe and a swipe the other  way and a swipe, and a swipe! Nice!
All right, now defending! If someone is coming at  you you need to block it.
So in order to block it, you want your thumb to be facing  out towards where you are blocking,  so that the sharp end of your sword (or paper  towel) hits the sharp end of your attacker's sword.
Do so by- this.
So if I'm going to block up  here- I'm going to block here. I'm going to block over here - here. Basically you're just giving it  a thumbs up. I'm going to block down- here i'm going to swing it around and I'm going  to block down here- I'm going to swing around.
You always want to clear the attacker's  blade from away from your body.
So, let's try some guards with me. Guard up here.  Guard up here. Start down here. Start down here. 
Don't hit your own leg. It might  just be a paper towel roll but - in imagination world that would have  been terrible. Let's try it again- and if you're blocking a shot to the head - you're going to take your thumb and push up.
Now if there's an old swipe  coming at you- you're going to have to JUMP!
Okay- let's defend. Ready? It's coming here, it's  coming here, it's coming here.
Oh no! They're swiping at your feet! It's coming here, it's coming  here. Oh no the head!
Now it's our turn to attack or go on the offensive.
Attack here! Attack here!  Attack here! Attack here! Go for the head! Nice!
Now, I know what you're thinking- what about my  shield?
04:11 So you're going to use the shield to block your body.
So you have your wonderful parries  with your sword to keep yourself safe but you also have your shield.
So hold your shield up and  we're going to block it coming from over here.
All right, now let's get the sword  and the shield going at the same  time.
We're gonna block attack that's  coming up here at our shoulder- ready?
low- up -down -swipe at them- swipe at them swipe  at them. Oh no, they're swiping at us! Jump! Jump! 
Jump! Now advance on them.
Nice work! Feel free to create your own  choreography with your sword. Have fun!