The more we use our imagination- the better. Imagination can be used to help children expereince what they are learning and help them solidify it in their minds. Here are some wonderful activities for you to do with your children, students or whomever. Use these guides will have children making choices, reinforcing important lessons. Most of these guides will also have kids thinking fast and making decisions- helping them learn to trust themselves and therefore increase their sense of self and self-esteem.


This activity guide will have your students, children or yourself moving like a great knight, this kind that stories are written about. This allows participants to use their creativity to focus their imagination.

Create your Emblem

Draw a large shield on a piece of paper and divide it into 4 sections.
Think about what is important to your knight- narrow it down to 4 things. Draw each of the four in it's own section on the shield

This is Your Crest! This is what your knight stands for.
Optional to cut out emblem and attach it to your shirt.

Name Your Knight

What would you name your knight? Is it your own name? Is it a name that celebtaes a great vicory or goal of yours: such as Dragon Slayer, or Knight of Kindness

Pratice introducing yourself. For example: "Good day, my name is knight __________ and I am at your service!"

Knight Practice

Bows. It is important to bow, or curtsey or creat your own physical greeting. Do this action with so much boldness and confidence. Practice in front of a mirror. Add as many flurishes as you can.

Practice Battle Skills

Outside run drills- set up obstacle courses- to practice dodging magic trees.

Practice jumping, running, hidding- anythign that may come in handy while on a quest.

Try this sword skills video

Other Knight Stories on ther Site

Knight Adventure

picture me dresses as a sailor, holding a paper boat Pick up your best pillow for a shield and a paper towel roll for a sword and let's defend the village from a DRAGON! Act along with me as we go on an EPIC quest through the forrest, into a cave and face to face with a DRAGON!!!!!!

Once Upon ASMR: A Tale of Two Knights

Picture of me dressed as a knight Join us for a soothing, relaxing story of a Knight on an epic adventure. Can he defeat the Dragon? What happens when he finds anotehr Knight. This story is filled with tapping, whispier and other fabulous soothing triggers.

Create Your Own Knight

Picture of a Knight Follow along with this fun guide to create your own personal Knight! Great activities for in school, at home or in summer camp.