Imagination Activity Guides

The more we use our imagination- the better. Imagination can be used to help children expereince what they are learning and help them solidify it in their minds. Here are some wonderful activities for you to do with your children, students or whomever. Feel free to user at home, in the classroom or at camp. Use these guides will have children making choices, reinforcing important lessons. Most of these guides will also have kids thinking fast and making decisions- helping them learn to trust themselves and therefore increase their sense of self and self-esteem.

Create Your Own Fairy

Use this guide for a variety of ways to create your own fairy character. These are great for self explorations, guided by an instructor/camp counsellor/teacher/parent/friend or as a jumping off point for more fun.
It's very important to remember that in creating- there are no wrong answers, just different ideas.

A Fairy is Born - fun imagination exploration

Feel free to have participants silently experience becoming a fairy or allow them to talk our loud- up to you. Feel free to modify as you see fit and make this exercise work best for you and any/all participants.


Lie down on the floor and close your eyes.
Take some deep breaths
Imagine you are a fairy- feel your wings growing.. what do you look like? Let's find out
Start at the Feet. Think of your feet- what do they feel like? Are they human like? Are they hooves? Are they flippers?
Are your feet heavy? Light? How do they feel?Move them around gentley and see how they feel.
Move Up. Moving up- how do your legs feel? Are they long, short, rubbery, hard, scaly? Move them around gentle and see how they feel.
Is your body big, small, short, long, hairy, feathered, scaly? How does your body feel? Move around on the floor and see how it feels.
Now onto the arms. Are your arms long, short, strong, stretchy? Move them around and see how they feel.
What do your wings look like? Are they big, small, strong, feathered, glittery, leathery? Imagine them flapping- how does it feel?
Finally- what does your head look like? How many eyes do you have? Are they small or big? What shape are they?
What does your mouth look like? Is it a beak, human like, animal like? Move it around and see how it feels?
What does your nose look like? Big? Small? Snout? Take some big sniffs and see how it feels.
What does your hair look like? Long? Short? Leaves stuck in it? Scales? Twigs? gently move your head and see how it feels.

Visualize your whole fairy being.

Gently wake up and begin to move around the room as though it is morning and your fairy is looking for breakfast.
Go past the river. Jump acorss lily pads. Take a sip of water from the river
Go deep into the woods. What do you hear? What do you see?

Find a friend

Look behind a tree- you see a friend.. who is this friend? Another fairy? An Animal? A human? Wjat adventure woudl you go on with your new fairy friend.

Continue playing around as the fairies- feel free to set them in different situations.

Other Activities

Draw your fairy character

Create a Story staring your fairy character.

Fairy Stories on the Site

Fairy Tea Time

Join Peaseblossom for a cup of tea, some root and dried petal snacks and some stories of the forrest. Featuring whispering, wrustling, spoon, food and plant sounds. This is an ASMR style story that includes relaxing triggers.

Fairy Exercises

picture me dressed as a fairy, flying Use your imagination to grow our wings and let's test them out and explore the world of a fairy together. Moving can be magic. This is a move-along story- for active storytime.